The private collection of
 Dr. James C. Welling,
 National Intelligencer, 
Civil War newspaper editor who published 
President Lincoln's letter to Horace Greeley
  August 22, 1862 
Growing up there were stories, Family lore, The story goes during the Civil War our great grandparents were close friends with the Lincolns and the night Lincoln died -- our great-great grandmother was there and comforted Mary Lincoln. Now 150 years after Lincoln's tragic death, what is known about our Civil War friendship with the Lincolns?

Was it family lore? The answer is: The story shared over generations was not lore --- it was true. 

The lore was dispelled with the discovery of lost family letters and relics that confirm details about their friendship and in fact place them at many of the major events -- events that moved the dial of history. The family collection was preserved, thankfully because it retraces the Lincolns' footprints from their first days in Washington until their last and offer us today and future generations a glimpse into the lives of the Lincolns -- from a new vantage point.​

The collection has been carefully preserved over the years by

Mrs. Clementine L. Dixon Welling

Miss Elizabeth L. Dixon

 Miss Elizabeth Dixon Welling

Mrs. Caroline Welling Van Deusen

  Retrace Civil War Footprints                                               

The private collection of
 Elizabeth L. C. Dixon, Mary Lincoln's friend who witnessed the death of 
President Lincoln death
April 15, 1865